Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend we were blessed to be able to spend the weekend in Austin at Grandma and Grandpa Austin's lake house. The boys love going to Austin. When we arrived to the house late on Friday night James woke up after sleeping for the entire trip and ran into the house looking for his bed an for 'Big George'. The weekend was full of fun but the highlight was the boys first trip out on Grandpa's boat.

James helping water the backyard

Chasing Grandpa with the water hose

On Saturday Grandpa and Uncle Topher went down to the marina and worked on the boat to see if they could get it running. They were so excited when they came back because they were able to fix the boat and so we decided we would go out for a boat ride once the weather cooled off a bit. Around 5:30 we got the boys all dressed for the boat and loaded up. While driving down to the marina my dad called to have our boat launched and they told him they were done launching boats for the day. We knew James would be devastated if we didn't get to go on the boat so we decided to drive down to Lakeway marina to see the water and boats.

James insisted on wanting to put his feet in the water. So Nathan and Grandpa dangled him off the dock to let him get his toes in the Lake.

Cooking dinner with Grandma

Hanging out on the deck

Bedtime stories with Grandpa

Take two. Sunday morning we woke up early to go out on the boat. James was sooooo excited to get on the boat, finally!! I thought John Patrick should have been miserable in his life jacket but he loved it and fell right to sleep once on the boat.

Too cool

Driving the boat with Grandpa

Mommy was so excited to get to take James and John Patrick on the lake

John Patrick loves to snuggle with Grandma Austin

Brothers playing

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Alicia & Molly's Houston visit

Molly came into Texas for a few days so Alicia drove down from the Dallas area for the opportunity for us to all get together. It was so wonderful to see Alicia, Anna, Hudson, Molly and Mariel. Here are some pictures from their short but sweet visit.

Four kids in the tub :)

Buffalo Grill for breakfast

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Emily

James' good friend Emily had her fourth birthday party today. Grace did such a cute job on a pizza themed party. The kids got to make there own pizzas complete with chef hats and aprons.
DSC_6428 - Version 2

Make a wish!
DSC_6547 - Version 2

Friday, May 20, 2011

Potty Training Boot Camp

I think this week has been one of the most challenging week as a mom to date. On Monday morning we started the three day potty training challenge. I have a goal to have James fully potty trained by our trip to PA this summer so I figured I needed to get on the ball. For the potty training boot camp we stayed home almost the entire week (except for Familia on Wednesday and a few short trips here and there), also I had James constantly drinking so that we would have LOTS of opportunities to use the potty and to make things more fun he got m&ms as a reward for using the potty. Thankfully I think this week, as challenging as it was, was a huge success.

Poor John Patrick

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fun filled weekend :)

This weekend was filled with friends, parties, pretty weather and just plain fun. On Friday we started off the weekend with having Brady over to play while his parents were busy closing on their new house and moving! We are so happy to have the Bacots as new 'neighborhood neighbors'.

Three handsome boys!

Then Friday night uncle Jeff and Julie came over to play with the boys while Nathan and I went to a friends house for a wine tasting evening. James was SOOO excited to have Jeff and Julie over and Nathan & I had a blast out with friends! (sorry no pictures) Then Saturday morning we took a trip to the neighborhood pool where we met the Harper family. The pool was a little chilly but we still had a great time. Then Saturday night the Harpers came over for burgers and ice cream. The weather was PERFECT for grilling and hanging out outside.

All four of the kids wore themselves out playing outside.

Then on Sunday we woke up for church and then went straight to a birthday party for one of James' friends. I didn't take many pictures but here's what I have.