Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Jesus

In the words of Pope Francis:

"Christmas is an encounter with Jesus. God has always sought out his people, led them, looked after them, and promised to be always close to them. The Book of Deuteronomy says that God walks with us; he takes us by the hand like a father does with his child. This is a beautiful thing. Christmas is God's meeting with his people. It is also a consolation, a mystery of consolation."

Our first present on Christmas morning to open is baby Jesus!

 For Christmas from us we told the boys we are going to Disney World in February!

Grandma with Levi

Grandma loves Christmas

Cute Mia Beth

So thankful for this little guy!  Last Christmas morning we told everyone we were pregnant with him.

Aunt Theresa and Uncle Brandon had Smoter Christmas at their house in Bridgeland this year.

Serious Aunt points for this gift!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

We have been blessed!  God is so GOOD!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was filled with family traditions.  The boys had a great day baking cookies and getting ready for Santa.  We then went to church and Great Grandma and Great Grandpa's house to celebrate Christmas.  
I love when we have moments we feel Joshua's present with us and this year we had one of those moments at Christmas mass.  We have been going to St. Anne's 4pm service on Christmas eve my entire life.  For as long as I can remember the same lady was the lecture at everyone of those masses (she always wore the same beautiful coat with Our Lady of Guadeloupe on the back).  
This year however she wasn't there instead who read the first reading?  It was the anesthesiologist who was in the operating room with me when Joshua was born.   :) 
Holy Spirt chills!   
We thank God for sending Dr. Kim into our lives once more to remind us of Joshua's birthday on Jesus' birthday mass.  Read here for more on Dr. Kim.

 God truly blessed our family with new life this year!