Thursday, August 20, 2015

Boys, Boys, Boys

There are no 'baby' toys in this house.  Joseph's toy of choice is whatever weapon he finds lying around.

And this little cutie is always ready for a snack :)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer is coming to a close

The Smoter boys have loved summertime.  This was our first real 'summer'.  Past years without having school aged kids summer was just a hot season but just that just a season.  This 'Summer' I enjoyed having all my boys home from school and a break from extra curricular activities.  Summer days in our house consisted of cartoon mornings, playing with toys, drawing, writing, reading, loving on each other, afternoons at the pool then watching our #1 Astros each night.  I will miss these summer days but I'm thankful for this special time.  Our life stories show best through pictures so here are some snap shots over the last few months.  These aren't the photographically 'best' pictures.  Just some iphone shots that show the day to day.

Every time we feed Joseph, Jude thinks he gets bite for bite.  Our boys can eat.  I can't imagine when they are all teenagers.  #HEB

I have so many cute pictures like this but Jude's face is always blurry.  #neversitsstill

John Patrick comes down like this most nights after his bath.

Doing phoneme cards

Jude is always right behind his brothers doing whatever crazy thing they are doing

Next Monday James starts 1st grade and John Patrick starts Kindergarten.  Baseball will start soon and days will be full and our lives will be back in a routine.   I have a fancy new planner and a color pen for everyone.  School year we are ready for you!

On a side note I wish fall weather came with the start of school...I'm just sayin' its HOT! #fallweatherplease

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Happy Birthday JUDE!

Today Jude turned 2!  I can't believe he is 2.  I love this kid so much.  He is such a beautiful gift to our family.  He is such a sweet and funny kid.  Last Saturday we had family over to celebrate Jude's birthday.  Jude had a blast playing with his cousins!  Here are some pictures from the party and from today.  

 Jude admiring his awesome cake that Aunt Theresa made!!!

 Pin the dog on the car

Red light, Green light with Grandpa

 Not quite Bluebell but I guess it will do...

 Daddy reading Go, dog. Go! 

Jude and Pappy

Pictures from his actual birthday.