Thursday, May 23, 2013

Last Day of James' first year of pre-school

I can't believe how fast this year has flown by.  Today was James' last day of school.  Nathan and I feel so blessed that James is able to go to school at our church.  He had an amazing first year with amazing teachers.  When school starts again in September both James and John Patrick will be going to school together.  :)  
They are growing up so fast!
 Here is a picture from the first and last day of pre-school

 Ice Cream Party!

 James with his friend, Glen
 James with his music teacher, Ms. Alexis
James with Ms. Jennifer

Thursday, May 16, 2013

James' end of the year program

I can't believe that James is almost through with his first year of pre-school.  This year has flown by.  Tonight James had a program at his school and he did a fantastic job.

 John Patrick watching his brother

 James' teacher Ms. Jennifer

 James with his friend Emma

Moving day

We are thrilled that Aunt Theresa and Uncle Brandon are now fellow Houstonians :) Last week they moved into an temporary apartment until they find a house to buy.  We feel very blessed that they will be so close to us!

Mother's Day Tea at James' School

 Last week James had a Mother's Day celebration at school.  All the kids were precious bringing Mary (our heavenly mother) flowers before celebrating with all the Mommies in the Community Center.  

 James was very excited that Fr. Orrin was there

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


At Christmas one of Nathan's presents was a Cubs jersey and trip to Chicago for a Cubs game.  Since we just celebrated our 5 year anniversary and Nathan turns 30 this summer we had plenty to celebrate.  Our good friends Richard and Valerie went with us and it was the first time we had left the boys for a weekend.  The weekend was awesome and the boys had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa.
At the airport
After we landed and got checked into our hotel rooms we ventured out for a good pizza place to eat lunch.  We were all starving and this pizza was worth the wait.  IT WAS AMAZING!!! 

The picture may not look appetizing but trust me it was delicious!
 Next we walked around the city for a bit checking out Michigan Avenue and other hotspots.  Our Friday evening plans were to go to a minor league baseball game but the weather was rainy and cold so we opted for some down time and dinner at Gene & Georgetti's.
 Since both couples were celebrating 5 years of marriage Richard and Valerie brought some special wine they have been saving to drink that they got from their time in California.  (very fun)

 We all enjoyed a steak dinner and for dessert the waiter brought us cake to celebrate our anniversaries.  
 Saturday was the main event!  Since Saturday was the Kentucky Derby the promotional gift was a derby hat to the first however many fans.  Of course Valerie and I had to have a hat so we got to the game right when the gates opened. (which the boys were quite fine with)

After the game we walked around the city some more.  The tulips (which are my favorite flower)  were incredible!
For dinner Saturday night we continued with the Cubs theme by eating at Harry Caray's restaurant.  The food was great but the best part was the awesome private table we got.  

On Sunday we went to Mass at Holy Name Cathedral and then had a great breakfast at Eggsperience before loading up to go home.  We had a great time with great friends and were blessed to be able to take a trip and have my parents watch the boys for us.