Friday, July 18, 2014

Changes, changes and more changes

I can not believe it has been since March when I last blogged!  I feel like over the past few months we have gone through so many life moments that for my own documentation I wish I had blogged about.  I'm sure most people who read my blog follow me on facebook or instagram or see me in real life so posting on my family blog isn't entirely necessary.  However for the past 5 years I have been pretty good until now with keeping my blog current which is nice for me to take time and post pictures or write down little moments I want to remember during these precious years of our growing family.

At the end of April we made the decision that we have finally out grown our house that we have loved so much over the past 6 years.  Some good friends of ours had recently moved and we were introduced to a small neighborhood in Tomball that fit all the criteria for our next home.  I have always dreamed of building a house and so for our 6th anniversary Nathan told us we were going to sign a contract to build a house!  What a fun anniversary present for our whole family.  And so the adventure to building a house began.

Only a few days after we signed with the builder Nathan and I found out we were expecting baby # 5!  We were thrilled and felt that our decision to move was indeed necessary and that the Holy Spirit knew what we didn't know during the month of discerning our move.  With every pregnancy I am so blessed to have very limited pregnancy 'sickness'.  However, with each child my exhaustion level has increased...I have no idea why that may be, haha! :)  Nathan and I have been so excited about this new life.  Every pregnancy is such a joy and truly a blessing from the LORD.  We have always known this but we are so thankful that Joshua's life allowed us to know to appreciate every second of life with our children from the moment they are conceived.  Very early we found out that this child would be named Joseph Daniel our 5th precious son.  I struggle with telling people what we are having because their comments and reactions even though innocent are hurtful.  We are so thankful that God is in charge of determining the sex of our children because He knows exactly what our family needs and that is different for every family.  Every life that God gives us has been created by God for us to raise here on earth and I am truly thankful and honored to be the mom of 5 boys and hopefully more children if that is God's will.

So in the months of April and May we not only signed on building a house, found out baby 5 was on his way but James graduated pre-school, John Patrick finished his first year of pre-school and Jude continued to grow and change before our eyes.

Summer has flown by.  We haven't done much traveling except an occasional trip to Austin.  Most of our days have been spent at the Y or the pool and Nathan and I have been working hard to try to get our home ready to sell.  We also had VBS and John Patrick celebrated his 4th birthday.  Nathan has been incredible over these months working, taking care of us, getting things lined up for our new home and getting everything taken care of to put our house on the market.  I don't know how he does it the man is Superman.

Growing Pains:
I can't believe that Jude is 11 months old and his birthday is just around the corner.  He is the sweetest, and happiest child.  His big brothers can do anything and he just giggles and smiles.  He is just so precious.   James and John Patrick are about the same age difference that Jude and Joseph will be so I am remembering my time with James while pregnant with John Patrick a lot during this pregnancy.  My doctor gave me a deadline to stop nursing before I am 20 weeks pregnant and as that deadline is approaching along with Jude's first birthday it is hard.  I love nursing my babies and am so grateful I have been able to with James, John Patrick and Jude.  Not being able to nurse Joshua was one of the most painful experiences of my life...physically and emotionally.  Nursing Jude has been so healing to me and it makes me sad to wean him.  With every growing pain I know there is beauty and the life of Joseph is that beauty in a hard process.

Well that about gets us to date.  Below are some pictures from April until now.  Hopefully I can get back into a routine with blogging.

 Easter 2014

 James' Graduation

 Last day of school 2014
Mommy's 32nd Birthday

Grandpa's Birthday
 Father's Day at Minute Maid
 Breaking ground
 John Patrick's 4 year Yoda birthday

 4th of July

 Joseph Daniel
Space Center Houston

House in progress