Saturday, October 19, 2013


I have been terrible with keeping up with the blog.  Our family is so thankful for all that God has given us and we are enjoying every moment of everyday.  Here are some pictures from this month so far.

Jude and Josephine celebrating a TEXAS win over the Sooners. HOOK'EM!
They are both undefeated lifetime against OU!

With the the weather changing the boys and I have been doing a lot more outdoor crafts and projects.  Here are a few of them.

 The boys LOVE when I let them run around in the rain!

 A quick picture before school on our newly painted bench.  
So much love :)
 John Patrick had his turn with the class pet, Pete the cat.  He brought Pete to James' baseball game to help cheer on his brother. 
 Grandpa made it through his October 15th deadline so he was able to come see James' game.
 We had our All Saints party at the church this weekend so the boys were able to dress in their costumes for the first time.  Before we left for the party it was only fitting that Daddy read The Cat in the Hat. 

Mia Beth is anxiously awaiting her brother who should be here any day!